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A First Big Step Toward Mapping the Human Brain | WIRED

Sat, 11/26/2022 - 20:24

It’s a long, hard road to understanding the human brain, and one of the first milestones in that jou...

Why movies look weird at 48fps, and games are better at 60fps, and the uncanny valley… | Accidental Scientist

Sat, 11/26/2022 - 20:24

It should be safe to conclude that humans can see frame rates greater than 24 fps. The next question...

Distinguishing cause from effect using observational data: methods and benchmarks

Sat, 11/26/2022 - 20:24

The discovery of causal relationships from purely observational data is a fundamental problem in sci...

Decreased segregation of brain systems across the healthy adult lifespan

Sat, 11/26/2022 - 20:24

The brain is a large-scale network, not unlike many social or technological networks. Just like soci...

1959 Essay by Isaac Asimov on Creativity

Sat, 11/26/2022 - 20:24

the neuroscience of consciousness

Sat, 11/26/2022 - 20:24

Consciousness has traditionally been a philosophical question due largely to a lack of information r...

Antidepressants rapidly alter brain architecture, study finds - LA Times

Sat, 11/26/2022 - 20:24

A single dose of a popular class of psychiatric drug used to treat depression can alter the brain’s ...

Pigeon paradox reveals quantum cosmic connections

Sat, 11/26/2022 - 20:24

A thought experiment has exposed a new kind of quantum link that could connect every particle in the...

Using rhythmic brain activity to track memories in progress

Sat, 11/26/2022 - 20:24

Using electroencephalogram (EEG) electrodes attached to the scalps of 25 student subjects, a UO team...

Clever Suppression in the Brain

Sat, 11/26/2022 - 20:24

Diversity of inhibiting nerve cells allows for more complex information processing: The hippocampus ...

U-M tinnitus discovery opens door to possible new treatment avenues

Sat, 11/26/2022 - 20:24

Disruption of timing from sensory nerves underlies "ringing in the ears" that plagues millions, inc...

Maxwell’s Refrigerator, Powered by Information

Sat, 11/26/2022 - 20:24

A proposed device can act like Maxwell’s famous demon and as a tiny refrigerator “powered” by the en...

Sleep's memory role discovered

Sat, 11/26/2022 - 20:24

The mechanism by which a good night's sleep improves learning and memory has been discovered by scie...

Human brain cells in a dish learn to play Pong in real time -- ScienceDaily

Thu, 10/13/2022 - 10:06

Human and mouse neurons in a dish learned to play the video game Pong, researchers report. The exper...